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Here at Phaistos Networks, performance, simplicity, stability and scalability - in multiple dimensions - are the key tenants of software and services design and implementation.

Our teams have been developing software with that in mind for over 10 years now. The complete control we have over our infrastructure stack, given that we have been building and evolving it ourselves, makes it easy to design and implement any solution and service we need - it also frees us from having to worry about problems arising from relying on 3d party provided software and services.

We value simplicity and elegance. We build software from the bottom up and we keep evolving components in every level so that evolutionary updates propagate across the complete stack of our software infrastructure, both on the back-end and front-end.

Our development expertise spans low-level systems programming all the way up to rich interactive Javascript/HTML5/CSS driven Web applications, to iOS/Android native mobile applications, to Windows/OSX desktop applications.