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C|MAN is an advanced content management system(CMS), that allows publishers to design, build and maintain any information-based site or service, including but not limited to portals, news sites, mobile and desktop applications.

C|MAN adopts a document template model, where multiple fields, each with its own properties, can be used to build the representation structure that exactly matches the kind of information captured on a per document basis. It supports multimedia objects(images, video, audio), sophisticated indexing and search facilities and can be integrated with any kind of system, environment or services. It provides an RPC interface that exposes the complete features set for developers to use to build any kind of service, and a web-based rich-client interface for managing every aspect of the system as well as entering and editing content.

  • Template logic
  • Easy customization
  • Built-in support for a long list of datatypes
  • RPC interface (XML-RPC, REST, JSON, binary XMLRPC, PHP-ON, etc)
  • Highly scalable, proven infrastructure
  • Workflow based, supporting roles and permissions
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