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BestPrice.gr: A huge project came to life!


After more than nine months of hard work, our team "pressed the update button" and BestPrice.gr went live on 28/06/2011.

Initially operating as the online shopping service of Pathfinder.gr portal (another Phaistos Networks product), BestPrice is the first products/prices comparison platform to launch in Greece in 2002.

Helping consumers get access to greek online merchants' products and services ever since, BestPrice platform forms as of today a unique price comparison service available on BestPrice.gr.

Some BestPrice facts

  • 3,5million+ products
  • 650+ merchants
  • 5.000+ brands

Geek facts

Infrastructure stack, components and technologies(built in-house)

  • Interface built using Core 2 Javascript framework, HTML5 & CSS3 technologies, making use of transitions/transforms/animations where necessary.
  • Utilizes CloudFFS, a distributed scale out files data store. CloudFFS also stores all static files across Pathfinder.gr services. 150+ GB footprint for BP files.
  • Utilizes CloudDS, a distributed, highly available, KV store. There is no single point of failure and no bound on number of objects that can be stored; scales out by adding nodes to a cluster.
  • Search is powered by Trinity, an indexing and search framework that supports billions of documents, both whole word and prefix based search. A typical query takes 0.01s to execute.
  • Uses MQS, a distributed message queue service, for routing messages across application servers and other services.
  • Runs on a cluster of application servers, managed by instances of Link, our high-performance Layer-7 load balancer.
  • Uses CacheD, a very high performance in-memory cache service.
  • Uses SGL, a programming language based on Javascript syntax and semantics. It is designed for extensibility and very fast execution.

Coming soon

  • Filters for searching by product characteristics(e.g color) and properties (e.g TV screen type).
  • Technical specifications for products.
  • Expanded product information, augmented by video, links and even more pictures.
  • Product price drop alerts, including price graphs.

Apart from BestPrice.gr, the service's platform will soon be available on the shopping sections of some of the most popular greek sites that form the BestPrice Shopping Network.

Bestprice.gr is a project under constant development and improvement. New and advanced features, stores and product categories will be added in a day-by-day basis.

We really hope you will enjoy our new service, as much as we did while building it :)

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