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Phaistos Networks partner in BlogForever


BlogForever is a collaborative EU funded project. Its key objective is to develop robust digital preservation, management and dissemination facilities for weblogs. These facilities will be able to capture the dynamic and continuously evolving nature of weblogs, their network and social structure, and the exchange of concepts and ideas that they foster; pieces of information omitted by current web archiving methods and solutions.

Phaistos Networks contributes to the project as a partner which represents the bloggers community. Its main role is to contribute specifying the user requirements from the perspective of the community it belongs to, leading a case study of various weblogs containing multimedia content (images, audio, and video) during the first round of the platform development and contribute to the dissemination activities.

Learn more about BlogForever here

Participation in the BlogForever Survey

We invite you to participate in the BlogForever survey which is deployed and managed using Phaistos Networks' online survey platform, iProbe

The Survey is online at http://iprobe.gr/Surveys/BlogForever?lang=gr. You will be invited at the start of the survey to participate as a blog author or a blog reader.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information about the content, use and context of weblogs that are currently in use in society. The results of the survey will be used to help with the long-term preservation, management, analysis, access and use of weblogs, and thus better serve the community.

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